Acceptance Speech for John R. Pierce Award
  • I am very pleased to accept this award for excellence in Vacuum Electronics and I thank Professor Y. Y. Lau for nominating me.
  • I was told that I could speak about anything I like so I would like to, briefly, describe my teaching activity for the past 40 years.
  • I refer to this activity as "bridging the gap,"
  • The "gap" is the education gap between formal schooling and industry requirements. 
  • In the late 1970s, I participated in an NSF study on space based power systems.
  • I was amazed to learn about the huge systems that were being proposed.
  • Can you imagine 100 each of these 1 MW CW microwave tubes in space for each system?
  • After the NSF study, I developed a 3-day course on space based power and included microwave tubes to shed light on their use.
  • In one of these courses, Tom Bekker from PHD NSWC expressed concern about the lack of tube knowledge by Navy personnel.
  • When Tom found out that I knew about tubes,he asked if I would help conduct a five-day course on tubes.
  • I said yes  and asked who else would help.
  • No help could be found so I agreed to give the course by myself.
  • The first course was for the Navy in 1982.
  • Although the course was pretty rough from my point of view, it went quite well.
  • As word spread about the course, I was able to set up and present many courses.
  • In one courses, I learned that "bridging the gap" was not always easy. At the end of the first day, a young second lieutenant sheepishly asked "What's a microwave?" 
  • By 1986, I had given about 20 courses.
  • I wrote and Artech published Microwave Tubes.This book led to many courses including one at UCLA.
  • Attendees at the UCLA course, in turn, provided leads to additional courses.
  • One was at Hill AFB, Ogden UT for 20 Hill employees and 3 Norwegian Air Force engineers.
  • Joe Dutkowsky had responsibility for microwave tubes at NSWC Crane.
  • He weanted a graduate course on TWTs for the engineers.
  • We developed the following course.
  • That course was soon followed by a similar course at Hughes EDD.
  • I have to admit tht I was quite nervous about giving a course on TWTs to engineers at the TWT capital of the world.
  • This course was attended by 42 Hughes personnel.
  • Fortunately, the course went very well.
  • Gordy Lange made sure that people did the homework!